Nine foot mounts revealing different materials and surface structures make up the SensoPath. Constantly changing stimuli such as warm and cold, hard and soft or smooth and rough are sensed and learned. Promotion of balance, sense of touch and tactile perceptions are involved in this trail, the setup of which can be your own design. Suitable for all age groups. Use is recommended without socks.

Step-by-step the SensoPath guides you through the world of sensory and motor functions. A balancing and wobbling act is the result, combined with a feeling of poise, a comparison of one’s own physical abilities and a great deal more. One foot in front of the other, stimulating a depth-sensory effect.

Contents: 9 feet with different materials and surfaces
Material: birch plywood, laquered; beech, coloured laquered; polypropylene; polyamide; aluminium; cork; non-slip pad