Shopping and cooking form part of everyday life and are a realistic experience for children who love this land of make-believe, no matter whether in the grocery store, in the market square, at the snack bar or in the kitchen. Equipped with their own shop / kitchen, little folk experience the time of their lives selling, bartering, swapping, preparing and cooking meals just like proper grown-ups. These experiences are assimilated, developed and consolidated in a playful atmosphere.

The Erzi Shop Premium XL scenario can be enacted from any given angle. Additional features such as a cooking surface, a checkout belt, a freezer compartment, a clock along with a chalkboard impart individuality to this sturdily-designed play shop. Adjustable shelves provide an amazing amount of space for accommodating groceries large and small.

Contents: 1 shop shelf, 1 shop counter, 1 connection plate, short, 1 connection plate with checkout belt and separator, 6 crates, 1 mounting set, sticker
Material: birch plywood, waxed